Waveform Design and Implementation

♦ Commercial Waveforms (5G NR, DVBS2X, and others)
♦ Military Waveforms (BE/STD-CDL, VNW, Link11, and others)
♦ Protected waveform design and implementation
♦ Signal detection and analysis
♦ Custom Waveform design and implementation

Software-Defined Radios and Networks

♦ FPGA implementation in both Xilinx and Intel/Altera families
♦ Embedded software implementation in ARM processors
♦ State-of-the-art FPGAs (RFSOCs) and RF transceivers
♦ IP network components (FPGA-based routers, switches, and more)
♦ High-speed MPLS router network solutions (10-100Gbps)

Signal Processing, Modeling, and System Engineering

♦ Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Algorithm design and implementation
♦ Antenna array modeling and array signal processing and beamforming
♦ System-level modeling and analysis
♦ Link budget calculations
♦ System engineering and management for the development, fabrication, testing, integration and maintenance of new or existing systems on Unmanned Air Systems